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Brenda "BK" Bradshaw is an award-winning author, former elementary and middle school teacher, special reading teacher, and assistant professor of elementary education. An avid reader and writer, BK has always been immersed in children's literature. In recent years, her daughters have given her the inspiration to create the resilient female characters, Crystal Brave and Super Jewels. BK has appeared on the podcasts, The Autism Show, Talkin Live with Eli, Care Activities with Neil Hogbin. She has made appearances on Ozarks Live! news show in Springfield, Missouri, volunteered with the Horse Tales Literacy project and met with hundreds of children and teachers across the Ozarks in school and barn visits.


My first book EVER!
Hiking in Maui
Elephant Rocks
Taum Sauk Mountain
Playing Paleontologist
Riding Horses
Tjerger van de Strubenhoff
Trail Riding on Oahu
Lakota and Me
Pony Play Day
Horse Power Literacy
Guess who?!
Meeting My Readers
My Very First Book Signing!
School Visit
Joplin School Visit
Super Astronaut!
Jaqi, Me and Travis Hanson
Travis Sketching
STARS for Autism
Autism Night at the Cardinals!
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