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  • B.K. Bradshaw

Super Jewels Helps with "Autism Friendly" Mission

Battlefield is Missouri's first "Autism Friendly" City, thanks to STARS for Autism, a local charity whose mission is to train businesses and organizations in understanding autism. My daughter, Jaqi, and I are committed to helping with this effort by visiting upper elementary and middle school students to share our story, The Alien Logs of Super Jewels.

Jewels tells her story from "kinderprison" to "muddle school," trying to figure out why she feels so different from other kids. Is she an alien? Maybe she's secretly a super hero? Why is it so hard to connect with others? Why doesn't she have friends? Why doesn't she like snaps on her pants and syrup on her pancakes like everyone else?

Students at Wilson's Creek Intermediate in Battlefield entered the world of Super Jewels! They were challenged to read the book and then answer a few trivia questions. If they qualified, they attended a meet and greet with Jaqi and me in the library to learn even more about autism, self-acceptance and being a champion for others. These students were clearly getting the message!

Authors with STARS for Autism visit classrooms and businesses all over the Midwest. If you are interested in having one of our authors, email

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