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Sometimes in the Sky

Why is it each time I look up to the sky,

I see a different something

Way up high?


Encourage young children to ask questions about their environment with Sometimes in the Sky, a book with colorful, engaging illustrations designed to promote childhood curiosity and thinking. The delightful pictures are paired with an element of rhyme, drawing in children to seeking the wonders of nature. Questions are embedded to encourage discussion about the child's environment.

Super Jewels Theme Unit

Looking for activities to support the novel, The Alien Logs of Super Jewels? This literature-based thematic unit features character studies, vocabulary studies, instructions for creative student expressions such and much more! Written by teachers Rebecca Detweiler and Dr. Brenda Bradshaw, these lessons are tried and true. 

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Now Available!

With more than half a million children in the United States diagnosed with some degree of autism, public schools are struggling to keep up with the growing needs. The majority of these students are educated in local public schools, and those schools must now step up to the challenge. Schools have both a moral and legal responsibility to educate these children about both academics and social skills. Autism encompasses a very wide spectrum of behaviors and learning problems. The variety of traits they present makes it particularly challenging for teachers and schools to guide these children to adulthood.

Autism--What Schools are Missing: Blazing a New Path examines the advantages and disadvantages of our public education system for those on the spectrum. This book takes a close look at the strategies and supports that have proven to be successful compared to those that actually increase the educator’s burden and limit the student’s success. Educators can use the practical strategies detailed in this book to build an enabling environment for this growing population.

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Super Jewels wins the SILVER,

three GOLDS, and a

PURPLE Dragonfly!

Thank you to the

Independent Book Publishers Assocation

the Next Generation Indie Book Awards

the Missouri Writers' Guild, the National INDIE Excellence Awards and Five Star Publications 

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