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Our Treasures of the Current

My latest release, Crystal Brave: Treasures of the Current, features what many of us in Southern Missouri consider a local treasure—a herd of wild horses. I spoke with several people from the Missouri Wild Horse League and there are several common questions they get about the horses.

The most commonly asked question is, “Where can I find them?” By law, the horses can go anywhere they desire, but by nature, they tend to go where they need to for food, water and shelter. The grassy meadows and timberlands near the Jack’s Fork and Current Rivers provide grazing land for the herds.

Another question is, “Are they up for adoption?” Each year, some of the new stallions are taken from the herd, gelded, dewormed, given a Coggins test, and then put up for adoption.

The third most common question is, “Does anyone watch over the horses to make sure they are healthy?” The Missouri Wild Horse League is comprised of individuals local to Eminence who watch over the wild horses. They are knowledgeable about the needs of the horses and make sure they are not disturbed by anyone.

For more information about the wild horses, go to this web site:

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